Sunday, 27 March 2011

Our product


Our Logo

·         5 petals represents the 5 people of company holders.
·         Small petals at the middle of coloured petals that rounded between each others represent the recycle concept of the company.
·         The flower represent how the company really care about the earth.
Hibiscus flower choose as Malaysia national flower.
·         The tones of green and orange colours used represents the multiple choise of company product. The usage of green and orange tones colour as the environment colour.
·         A slice of leave at ‘enterprise’ meaning the company environmental friendly practise.
·         The pollen represents that our product will spread to around the world.
·         The shadows behind the flower represent the customers as the supporter to achieve the company goals.

Company Introduction

Earth Friendly Furniture (EFF) Enterprise is a company that provide furniture as its main product. However, the furniture’s are made from environmentally friendly sources.
Actually the term “environmental friendly sources” is just the market strategy    whereas the truth is we are using recycle item as our main sources. We can see nowadays at market that marked as friendly item is only covers 25%-30% from their item. So that this company want to achieve until 80% to maximum of the usage of recycle item in our product.

Earth Friendly Furniture

This is Entrepreneurship Final Year Project for Final Year student of EC110 Uitm Penang. Hope you enjoy it. all is confidential. thank you.